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Hi everyone! So… I’m the new team leader of team K in the Global Seoul Mate 2017 program! It’s like, a bit competition, a bit part time job, a bit getting stuff for free. I love it! So this Saturday the long term project of Seoullo7017 was finished (although I thought for one month that… Continue reading Seoullo7017 

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My YouTube Channel is up!

  Hi everyone! I hope the sand storms isn’t affecting you too much. Did I tell you that my YouTube channel is up? I got videos with musiiiic, and some vlogs that has me talking before my videos start rolling(oh, right, they’re called VLOGs, haha). You find my official uploads here (there’s also some videos of… Continue reading My YouTube Channel is up!

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Spring in Seoul, Museum visits!

Hi everyone! This spring is already hotter than Swedish summers, and the UV index is already up to 5 and 7 during the days. And that’s enough to get serious sunburns if you have sensitive skin and don’t put on a lot of sunscreen throughout the day. Sooo, what you can do if you need… Continue reading Spring in Seoul, Museum visits!

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Global Seoul Mate Induction

I was at the Global Seoul Mate Induction, and we got to watch a really funny show!

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One (short) day in Hongdae! 

So today I finally did it! I managed to leave my neighborhood! Yay me. I worked my butt off last week and even on Saturday so I would be able to get some time off and hang out with my friends! So I went to Hongdae to see them, and I had the best time!… Continue reading One (short) day in Hongdae! 

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Global Friendship Tour 2016

Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in ages (Swedish translation coming..later, if my mom complains), but I’ve been very busy with starting life at SNU, moving from Chuncheon to Seoul and all that goes with it (new friends, new course material, being confused because of all the lectures being in Korean..). So anyway, Shortly… Continue reading Global Friendship Tour 2016

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Beijing day 4

Idag har jag, återigen, hittat på en massa. Först var jag iväg med killarna (när jag väl kommit upp, tog lite välförtjänt sovmorgon) gick vi till två enorma malls, men när vi kom till den andra hade de redan tröttnat så jag stannade kvar och kollade runt själv. – Åt på en koreansk restaurang med… Continue reading Beijing day 4