naglar · Nail Care

Finally got my dream nails! 

I have a long post about my nail care routine. I’m planning on making a longer and more carefully described one a beautiful day in the future. 
But for now I just want to share that I’m so happy for finally achieving it. Strong nails and barely any cuticles. I’ve been wanting this since 2011.
Now you might not think that this is anywhere near as good achievement as taking a bachelor’s degree, getting two scholarships and studying at a top university (of the world and the best in  South korea)  in Seoul, but for me, well, this goal had been a clear one that I’ve actively perused for 6 years. I only pursued my scholarships 6 months each before I got them. Bachelor degree took a few years as well because I changed major and took a couple of breaks. But my nails. I’m really proud of it, because it was always a much more clear goal that I have been striving for and tried tons of different ways to achieve. 

And here they are:

 I hope you as well not only have some life long goals that will help you fill up that happiness meter in your life, but also some smaller achievements that will fill up the happiness meter all the same (although I might not cherish this as much as my degrees 20, or even 10 years from now). But goals are good for you, and your happiness. So go for it! 


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