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Hi everyone!

So… I’m the new team leader of team K in the Global Seoul Mate 2017 program! It’s like, a bit competition, a bit part time job, a bit getting stuff for free. I love it!

So this Saturday the long term project of Seoullo7017 was finished (although I thought for one month that it was Seoullo 2017 since it’s year 2017 now and I don’t read things properly …)

The park is built on an old highway, so there is now some green spots close to Seoul Station, finally!

IMG_20170520_174855 logga
They have various plants and trees on it, there’s one cute shop and they have one screen at the “Rose square”. It sounds like this is just a summer attraction right? But I think they’ll find something to do there during winter as well. At night they have blue lights all over the bridge, think blue lights, snow and some(non-religious) Christmas decorations, how nice wouldn’t that be?

Since I was “working” there, we had a few missions to complete. The rest of my team mates couldn’t make it that day, so I met Anastasia from another team, we went and got our free(yay!) lunch and started planning our route.

We first walked across the entire park (a bit more than 1km) and got a few shots of the view, a few selfies as well. Then on the way to the fashion show (Seoul 365 fashion show) we saw a really funny orchestra.

The fashion show was awesome, most of the collection has this dreamy traditional Asian style. I don’t know how else to explain it. I’ll just post the link to the YouTube video here…

After the Fashion show we checked out the souvenir store, so many cute things! I should have gotten a card to my grandmother now that I think about it.

IMG_20170520_192425 logga

At the park they have loads of pretty plants:

I love how they put signs with the names of the plants on the “pots” or on the ground next to it, it even lit up at night,

IMG_20170520_173719 logga

And I just love the rose square. Rose if definitely the flower of the year for me:

IMG_20170520_175156 logga

There are also lots of great viewpoints, and a fountain, I love fountains!

IMG_20170520_175332 edit loggaIMG_20170520_173841 loggaIMG_20170520_180754 loggaIMG_20170520_180702 edit loggaIMG_20170520_175332 edit logga

Then we had to go back to the meeting point, where we got.. Souvenirs! I got a big tote bag that is just peeeerfect (they sell it in the souvenir store if you want one as well) I had actually been admiring it in the store, no idea that I would get it myself. It has one f my favorite flowers on it. I’ve been using it every day since I got it actually.

IMG_20170520_192411 logga

Some other nice things they had(and nice the cool round architecture:

And then I began the trip home. I cake home super late and was exhausted. But it did give me a night of super good sleep.

There were tons of people when I went there because 1. It was a Saturday and 2. It was the day of the opening. I think there is less people now, so if you have time you gotta stop by and take a look.

IMG_20170520_184753 logga

The sunset is beautiful from there as well:

IMG_20170520_192931 logga

Have a great week everyone!


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