Health Update! 

Hi all my followers! (Even you sneaky ones who never leave any comment)
As some or a lot of you know. I’ve been dealing with various health issues for a couple of years now.
After meeting the doctor yesterday for getting my food allergies, she took a look at all my tests results (weirdly, it said I don’t have any allergies and the thing I have the most allergens against is… Rice..? Although garlic makes me throw up and apple gives me itches and milk gives me cramps..).
And, the doctor listened. Not to everything ofc and she argued with me on the points of the thyroid issue, and she would not listen to any research at all “we take our reference values from the US and they’re based on the best research”. Maybe they are, but very rarely updated.
Anyhow, she took my desire to work out seriously thankfully, so she prescribed various medicines that should deal with my skin issues and body pain so I can work it again!
She gave me a one week to try it out, if it works I’ll probably get more of it.
So now I’ll be eating meds three times a day, and started calorie counting again, I’ll show her that my metabolism is slower than it should be. And if I happen to be wrong, well, I’ll only lose the weight I gained from medicines faster, so all would be well.


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