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Spring in Seoul, Museum visits!

Hi everyone!

This spring is already hotter than Swedish summers, and the UV index is already up to 5 and 7 during the days. And that’s enough to get serious sunburns if you have sensitive skin and don’t put on a lot of sunscreen throughout the day. Sooo, what you can do if you need a break from walking outdoors, is to visit the Museums they have around Seoul!

I was lucky enough to have a friend showing me around there today, a Korean friend, so I got explanations for the art that didn’t have any English explanations. Some of the exhibits did not allow photography, but some did!

So I get there a bit before my friend, noticed some lack in the quality of the bush-cutting, haha. Then took some selfies. There are just so many statues as well in Jungno , where I think I was.

IMG_20170430_160045 edit loggo

Walking to the Museum I saw these super cute cotton candies! I’m definitely gonna buy one of those when I’m not hanging out with a super skinny Korean, hehe.

IMG_20170430_160558 loggo edit

Omg.. Noooo!! I had written a really long blog post for you! It all just disappeared!! I’ll add the pics for now and fill in the rest when I have regained my energy.

IMG_20170430_162143 edit loggoIMG_20170430_162318 edit loggoIMG_20170430_165518 edit loggoIMG_20170430_165538 loggo editIMG_20170430_165657 edit loggoIMG_20170430_170546 loggo editIMG_20170430_171110 copyIMG_20170430_171412 copy

IMG_20170430_182121 copyIMG_20170430_181803 copyIMG_20170430_181602 copyIMG_20170430_181553 copyIMG_20170430_173404_HHT copy

IMG_20170430_171659 copyIMG_20170430_172027 copyIMG_20170430_172219 copyIMG_20170430_172710 copyIMG_20170430_173143 copyIMG_20170430_173404_HHT copyIMG_20170430_175438 copyIMG_20170430_181553 copyIMG_20170430_181602 copyIMG_20170430_181803 copyIMG_20170430_182121 copyIMG_20170430_182728 copyIMG_20170430_183346 copyIMG_20170430_184544 loggoIMG_20170430_184711 copyIMG_20170430_185016 copyIMG_20170430_185025 copyIMG_20170430_185307 copyIMG_20170430_192802 loggo editIMG_20170430_193354 copy

If you’d rather see videos with songs… then it’s right here!

Or if you rather skip me talking and have music to the views you got this one:


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