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Global Seoul Mate Induction

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying nice spring weather, I know Sweden had snow just one week ago, here we have 15-20 degrees now.

So thanks to all of my lovely followers, I got chosen as a Global Seoul Mate, GSM. I just found out the 19th and was pleasantly surprised. Now I’ll get out more and go on some fun adventures, so I actually brushed up on my photoshop skills to bring you some extra nice pics! There might be a vlog on my youtube channel coming up as well, I know some of you wanted to see one 🙂

Apparently they really wanted us to get early, so the “starting 10.30” was actually “starting 11.00”, I was there 10am, but then I walked around and took a couple of pics. Well in there I got a name tag, or well, two and some info leaflet, since all the info later would be in Korean. I’m quite surprised of how much I understood really, I even helped translating to some nice girls I met!

The second girl I met was this one. I did’t tell her, but isn’t she just amazingly beautiful? Wished I looked like that.


We had a nice chat, but then it was time to find my team mates!


Sorry about so much black and white, but the lighting in there was absolutely awful. These are my team mates anyway, there’re from Canada, China and… Malaysia I think, gosh, my memory is awful.


We made Kate from Canada our team leader since she’s a teacher and got that organization thingie down!

There was also a long performance, it was a lot of Korean human, so we (the foreigners) was a bit slow in the beginning, but then we got into it! The performance is called Bibap, or 비밥. There was singing, dancing and a lot of acting. Lots of goofy Korean humor, but we were all laughing at the end.






Then they started incorporating some of the audience, and I got soooooo worried since I have the worst stage fright (for those who know me a bit more knows that I’ve been performing on a number of occasions, that “the more you do it the easier it gets” definitely doesn’t apply to me). Luckily for me, I wasn’t chosen for anything, the ones who did got some gifts, I wonder what they got…


These had to act out a romantic scene, it was hilarious !


This guy didn’t act like they wanted him to, so he had to do the scene all over again, and yes, he was from the audience.


This girl got the worst acting spot, because she had to do lots of things, and they were confusing on purpose… or maybe the guy before had it worse, since he had to dance. 


The only thing I had to do was to pass on a string (“noodles”) at one point, oh, and do be in a pillow fight! This was definitely the most interactive performance I’ve ever seen, and although I was quite worried over having to participate more, it was really fun!


See, they actually threw pillows on us, and we threw back, mwuahaha



After the show, it was more focused on dancing, to a lot of the girls pleasant surprise, the muscle guy removed his shirt.


I’m not sure how many got a good shot of that, so the next pics is for you girls, haha




They had really good team work this group, and I’m really happy I got to see it!

After this, we had lunch!


A variety of Korean dishes, yummy!


I had an amazing day, it was totally worth getting up 6 am for even.


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