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Overseas student: You’re not missing life, more like freezing time

Hey ya. Today I got some life advice for you. Since I’m pretty old and all that. 

I noticed a lot of KGSP students often fall into feelings of missing out on…regular life, while they’re studying abroad. They see their friends at home getting married, having kids while we as overseas students really can’t do that (or we ladies could get pregnant, but then we get kicked out off the scholarship)  and have another type of life.

However, these are parts of life that can be fully accomplished after our studies. And really, marriage and kids are two big stress factors, we should be happy then we can postpone it a bit more, that we have more things do before that. 

I use my extra years to find moments and relax with my teddybearcat and enjoy the me-time. Won’t be any 100% me time after you get kids there won’t. 

And honestly, no one ever believes me to be as old as I am. Most people I meet think I’m as old as I was when I lived in Beijing. That’s like a 3 year time freeze. I totally don’t mind. The importance is to take care of yourself ‘in sickness and in health’, eat healthy, walk a lot, sleep much and be clean- proper skin care and all that. And for those who know a bit more, yes, I may weigh 20kg more than I did in Beijing, but except for my autoimmune  disease I’m healthy, a bit low blood pressure, but not high, which is what increases risks that are usually associated with overweight. 

Salmon deopbap, one of my favorite foods. On the healthy – unhealthy scale I’d say it’s halfway to “super healthy”, white rice is not the best carbs, but it’s definitely not unhealthy. And salmon is like the best protein ever

So the life advice for overseas student? Don’t worry about what you’re missing, you’re just postponing other parts of life, and adding more exiting ones before that! You’re gaining, not losing on being an overseas student. I also need to remind myself of this sometimes. 

And don’t forget to get those 10분 쉬는 시간 (10 minutes breaks) between classes. Stress control is important. 

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