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April update! 

Hi all my followers, stalkers and secret stalkers. I hope all is well with you! 

April is bringing lots of beautiful scenery and special flowers. I notice everyone look a bit happier now, probably thanks to the increase of D vitamins! Also, it’s nice to not need several layers of clothing. The weather now is similar to good Swedish summer weather. 

I’m studying statistics and listening to special lectures in another class. There will be huge exams in the end of summer for both classes. So although I had hoped to rest up this summer, I feel like I won’t be able to. Which is a bit unfortunate. But that’s life for you. 

I also had several cm chopped off my hair, which feels really good since I tended to pick at my split ends during class. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any makeup, does it? I actually got some mineral Makeup. It evens out the skin tone (I’m quite pink naturally) but doesn’t look like makeup! 

Also. My new study laptop arrived. It’s very slow (I mean, my normal laptop is quite awesome), but it also weigh close to nothing, so my poor shins are thanking me. 
Have a nice April everyone! Sorry I didn’t fool you with any April fools joke, for some reason I have taken a huge dislike for that day. 



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