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One (short) day in Hongdae! 

So today I finally did it! I managed to leave my neighborhood! Yay me. I worked my butt off last week and even on Saturday so I would be able to get some time off and hang out with my friends!
So I went to Hongdae to see them, and I had the best time!

We had planned that they should show me their favorite cake place for ever, but we have been so busy! When I got there it was already time for lunch, so we went and got some Vietnamese food, yummy!



If someone asks, it’s vietnamese pad thai 

Then we went for some mandatory shopping and they showed me the cutest store, where I found sterling silver hand made jewelry with real flowers/plants inside. I have no idea where they found flowers or leaves that small. But oh well.


Had to buy the things to the left. I LOVE leaves. And I have missed some more silver jewelry.

They also had some Studio Gibli things, and some plants. I wanted a new Mei-figurine, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet, despite there being the official store in Hongdae as well.

After this we went to Artbox! I don’t have any Artbox in my neighborhood so it was definitely mandatory, didn’t buy anything there and my wallet thanks for me for it, haha.

I WILL buy that cat umbrella some day! My other Artbox-umbrella got lost due to a rude taxi-driver two months ago.


Then we took a look at a  Gacha-“Store”, where you get these cute figurines.



There’s also this mysterious game where you put cards (that you bought) in the machines… and it never seems to end and you can’t win (it seemed like).



And then there was cake, finally! Unfortunately I had forgot to bring my lactose-medicine.


Then I also bought: A new H&M thin cardigan (the ones I have back in Sweden are now 2 sizes too small) and an eyecreme from Innisfree.

Then a quick stop at Daerim to refill my shabu sauce stock, and then home!



I hope you all had a great Monday as well!

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