K-beauty, the latest weapon(products) in your fight for clear skin

Hi everyone!

Warning for some really honest skin pictures, no photoshop, no filter and focus on blemishes!

Now, my sister thought I was totally overreacting when I got a type of pores I never had before, deeply hidden under the skin, absolute impossible to squeeze out (yes I tried although they’re in the most sensitive skin on the entire face, that’s how much I couldn’t stand it). Because 1. It was only pores, 2. There were only two.


Can you see that she skin goes out like it would on a pimple? These are no regular pores…

But for me it was like a horror movie. When I had tried living with them for 1 month, and tried regular spot patches a bit, using the exfoliating scrub a bit more, I started to get desperate, and so I ventured out ti find some new products. I already have an exfoliating scrub from Innisfree, but they have a new top-seller now. A hard clay mask, now, this is the type of facial masks I would normally use back in Sweden, where I didn’t have this issue at all, but decided it’s better to spend 19,000 won on something than kill my skin and then pay for laser treatment for it.

So I used this twice a week, I’ve only used it 3 times total, the people working in the store said it was supposed to pull out the pores, but they came just a little bit out, so I could see them. Not nice, and it did not work for the pores that had been troubling me. So after this I would use the Innisfree regular volcanic clay scrub, and then go on to my normal routine (OZ naturals products).

But then, I began to get a REAL acne-thingie, on over my eyebrow. And for that I always use the Etude House products, either the green bottles (that are very chemical so they might burn off your skin a bit if you use it too much). But! There is no etude house within 5 km from my place, so I decided to go to Skin Food instead, which has become my replacement for Etude House, their products does seem a bit less chemical as well and made a bit more out of actual natural products, but just a bit. I do like their Avocado oil Toner.


Anyhow, so the lady that works there showed me this, very interesting indeed. So I put this on the acne, and I thought “why not put in on those stupid pores as well?”. I don’t get acne too often, maybe 1 ever 3 months or so, so I wouldn’t really waste them if I tried.

As you can see, hopefully, the pores were still there and denting out the skin after 3 rounds of the clay mask. But, after 3 days of these patches on it, they have gone down, the opening to the pore, the hole, it’s still big, but there’s basically no out-dent now. It’s not visible when I have makeup on, and I guess not without either, although if I run my finger over it I can still feel it a bit. The patches are very thick, so they’re only usable at night. I didn’t use anything during the day on those pores. Oh, and the acne is almost fully gone as well, during the day I had just the Innisfree patches on it.

I am also trying the product “Noscar na” for my very old scar I have on the other cheek, I’ll post an update about that in about 2 months time. There has been no difference in 1 week.

I hope this helped! Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment here below!


So the pores got bigger again if I didn’t use the spot patches…. And Then I did. Ofc, try to pick in them. So now I have a big streak of dead skin (the deeper layer that got damaged).

Can you see it? It’s just awful. I have so much complex over the other side where the deep skin layer also is damaged. 😦

Update 25/4: this infection is not to be played with. Since I always forget the seriousness of my impatience I keep being impatient and doing stupid things, I have severe inflammation now. I should probably get some meds.

Update 2 May 2017. Okay, so, I have tons of products at home. But for desperate situations you need desperate measures, so I asked my mom what I should do. “put toothpaste on”, and I did for 3 nights straight. It went down really fast. During the days I had Etude House’s AC patch care. After those three (or was it 4?)days of toothpaste in it (it burns) I started using the Skinfood spot patch (one on the pic) and the Etude house “pink powder water” with an AC spot patch on top. And it seems to be going down alright!

I have also used the “noscana” cream in hopes to prevent scarring. And this is how it looks now:

Update 10may:

So, lesson learned once again: if you have something that you obviously can’t easy press out, don’t try to. I still have those two weird pores-not pores, but now I also have a streak of damaged skin (that’s the purple part). I’ll have to try once again to just hope it disappears by itself (or start to save money for a dermatologist visit.. Maybe both)

Update 19th of September!

It’s just two tiny dot-scars left. I kinda feel more “normal” now actually having not so perfect skin. It evens out with the scar on the other side of my face, haha! See the pic, you can’t see a thing!

Have a great weekend!


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