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So you want to apply to the KGSP scholarship? 

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been getting swamped with questions about my scholarship, SNU and so on. 

Now you can actually have me as a mentor, great right?! 

You can sign up here!

I’ll do all the things I usually don’t have time to help everyone with, like go to extreme length to find out where you can study your program, which school would be the best for you, and what dishes would be safe for you to eat if you’re gluten free/don’t eat pork, explain the KGSP rules for you in easier terms (it’s very important to understand the rules). 

Then I can help you with your application, ways to improve it and how to make it stand out. 

Sounds great, right? 

For the first people I help I’ll even have a lower fee than a lot of the mentors! 

I hope to hear from you there! 

Have a great weekend all 🙂 


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