My Winter Vacation

As some of you might know, I had a 2 months (paid!) vacation this winter. I didn’t do too much since I was in a desperate need of resting, but I’ll tell you about what I did do.


I re-visited Mohing, which this time was a bit of a disappointment. I had made a much more delicious Sangria at home the weekend before, the fried fish (for fish and chips) wasn’t as well made as the time before. I like places that had a good continuous level of quality. I won’t be going here again. Which is probably a good thing since it’s super expensive.

I also went to Daerim to get some ingredients for my at home shabu shabu. I will probably need to go again next week. Having shabu shabu as My “go to” dinner when I’m poor is like the best thing in the universe.

I also walked around some other neighborhoods that had awesome statues!


I just found this street randomly, so don’t ask me where it is 😉


I also found another Studio Gibli store, so cute! I didn’t buy anything. The only thing I would want is a new Mei-figurine since my old one broke. I’ll insert a pic here so if anyone sees this keychain for sale anywhere, please let me know!


(I call this photo “Mei’s Happy Hunting”)


I also went to another city, just to have special makirolls, little did I know that the place is closed on Mondays. But I did see two bigass malls that were quite fun to look around, then I went to Gangnam and had a sushi buffet. I wasn’t as exited as I usually am about sushi buffets, maybe because I’d wanted the makirolls so bad.

There was also a hugeass Pikachu so I had to take a picture with it, haha.

I also did something I had wanted to do for a while now, Yoga/Pilates poses on a mountain! And I’m quite glad I can stand like this, for someone who doesn’t care about flexibility it might look easy, but this is one of my best achievements for about one year, haha. It was quite difficult to hike up this mountain, Mount Gwanak. I went to Seoraksan in 2015, and although there was a very scary hanging bridge, the hiking up Gwanaksan was much more difficult. Although the regular hiking Korean oldies didn’t even seem bothered.


I also finally went and looked at the Hangang river! Think it’s about half as big as the distance between Denmark and Sweden at one spot haha.



I also had lots of food! Not very good for my weight since my metabolism has …basically died. But it was so nice to actually eat proper food for once. Don’t regret it a bit! It was especially nice to have Dak Galbi after several hours of hiking (we didn’t think to bring a picnic).


Oh well. I probably did some other things as well, but you know, memory. I’ll also upload a post about the trip to the amusement-park. You know, a beautiful day in the future.

Happy Saturday everyone. I just handed in my weekly report at 5pm, so I’ll actually have a few hours of weekend now! Yay!


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