Mitt genusvetar-jag · The Gender Studies Scholar in Me

Blame Shift

Okay, so is this a new thing, like a misogynist book that came out (again) on how men should blame shift to women when they’ve done something they shouldn’t, or has it always been there and I just recently noticed it? Because all of the sudden most of the stories I hear from friends is about this, that the man in the heterosexual relationship has done something weird, but then he gets mad at the woman, just because she is reacting to it. I mean, seriously?

Because honestly, if I have an issue, it’s not because I’m “overthinking”, it’s because there’s a very obvious issue.

And no, the man does not get the right to be angry when the women got angry because the man did something he shouldn’t have done. To feel anger when you are betrayed is justified. To feel anger when someone has lied to you is justified. You’re allowed to express the anger (verbally) and you have the right to tell them you’re angry. You have the right to feel angry when you’ve been treated wrongly and your partner does NOT have the right to be angry over your reaction to what he has wrongly done.

If you’re worried over something you’re allowed to feel worried without having to be met with anger.

I urge all women who get this “blame shift” treatment to take no shit, call them out on it and say you won’t stand for it.


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