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Another interview! 

So for those of you who don’t know, I did an interview last year about Sweden vs Korea, political engagement. Just a small thingie as a “regular swede”. 

Today I did another interview, as a KGSP (Korean government scholarship student), to get the most frequently asked questions answered. So from now on I’ll send you to that one, and not my own FAQ for when you have questions probably. 

The guy who runs the site is super friendly and easy to talk to do the interview is really natural. I’ll add the link here when I get it! 

Also, it’s spring time now. Too bad I can’t enjoy it much since I have sooo much studying to do! But I did wear some more spring-y clothes today! 

And my studies are difficult, because not only does Korean professors like to add the “original German term” in the texts, but also the Chinese ones, or “hanja” since they’re officially Korean as well (yeah. It’s a real mess). 

It’s Saturday tomorrow, and my exiting plans are… Study! Probably not at home because my lovely Swiya keeps playing with the pens and eating the paper. 

(or he will lie on my laptop when I’m using it, not very good when you’re working in Google docs and everything can be erased with one click.) 

And oh, I ordered a tiny study laptop, like the one I had when I first started university! Although this has a fun color and more ram and is probably much faster since it was almost 8 years since I started studying at University! 8 years! That’s like one tiny lifetime! Yeah, maybe it is a good mark for me to get a new study laptop. Like “happy postponing real life for 8 years me!”. I don’t feel much older, just a whole lot more wiser. Feels kinda good. 

(for those who wonder why my pad + keyboard doesn’t work as a study desk anymore let me tell you; STATA, a statistics program in which I will conduct research, with statistics written in Korean) 
I hope you all feel good as well and have a great weekend! 

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