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My favorite coffee shop, globally! (and I’ve been to quite a few)

First I want to start with, Starbucks is totally overrated. I went to Starbucks a lot when I moved to South Korea, because it was the only place that offered soy milk. As you might know, I’m from Sweden, and in Sweden we only have two Starbucks, they can’t really break into the Swedish market. Because the Swedish market is awesome, the two big chains are Espresso House and Wayne’s Coffee. Wayne’s Coffee was my favorite one in Sweden for Chai Latte, they made their ice chai latte with syrup, and the hot one with their powder, but even Espresso House had good chai latte, although they made their with powder, in both the ice and hot. And powder in ice drinks just don’t work. But then starbucks makes theirs with just a teabag, I don’t know if it is supposed to make it more “authentic”, but it sure doesn’t make it better.

Since I haven’t been to Sweden in over 1,5 years now I can’t say how Espresso House and Wayne’s Coffee would stand against my new favorite, but my new favorite win a hundred times over on service, well, at least the coffee shop I go to… and that is…

Coffee Bay

I go to the one in Daehakdong (대힉동) *hoping my stalkers won’t see this* and it has the best owner in the history of coffee shop owners! Actually, today I just went here because I wanted to feel like someone care about me, haha. He also has soymilk or lactose free milk if you just ask nicely!

Since it’s not by the main rode, so think a lot of people miss out on it. Actually, just a few days ago I had to go to another coffee shop to study(I had forgotten that it’s closed every sunday), where the bread cost  4800won and was really dry and difficult to eat. So now I’m sitting here and have just finished the toast for 2000won and I’m super satisfied.

Did I mention that this coffee shop has the best music as well? It always has new korean popsongs, cozy songs.


The drinks are super delicious as well. I personally love the mocha franobe, carambel franobe (but usually stay away from them, even if calories aren’t written out it doesn’t mean they’re not there), and cafe mocha, caramel latte and vanilla latte are also delicious. There’s also bubble tea in the summer!

They also have some nuts and other snacks, which all are delicious (I know because I often get them for free,hehe, note: this blogpost is not sponsored).


They have a new menu for the summer, lots of new bread and cakes!

So anyways, if you study at SNU and live in daehakdong, you should really check out this place. Just don’t fill it up and take my seat 😉

Hope you all have a great day with great coffee!


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