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Mina naglar älskar Korea! /My nails love Korea!

Here in South Korea you can find really good products for your appearance (maybe it goes hand in hand with their fixation on looks), and two of my favorite brands are Innisfree (think an Asian The Body Shop) and Etude House (There’s nothing like it in Sweden, Etude house is… wonderful).
I buy nailpolish both from Innisfree and Etude House. Both stores has amazing nail care products, but I’m starting to think the Innisfree nail polish lasts a bit longer, especially with their Eco Top Coat. I also love their Quick Dry.
So, here under you’ll get a couple of pics of how my nails have been. I saw that my first blog post about nails was several years ago, when I first got an interest for nail care (after reading an article on how potential employers will judge you on how your nails look, and I needed a job). At that time I had discovered a good product from the brand “Depend” (see this blog post here: Nina’s nails 2011) . I’m just gonna say, Depend “ain’t got nothing on” the products I’m buying nowadays. I really don’t know how I will be able to take care of my nails when I go back to Sweden, maybe I’ll just have to stop caring about them?
 Soooo, here are some pics of the nails I’ve done lately. how I do them often depend on my mood, but if I break even just one nail, I cut down the rest of them (otherwise I’ll just look stupid, honestly), and this is the reason my nails are quite short on most pics.
The monkey nail design was to celebrate year of the money (2016). Innisfree had an exclusive Paul Frank ‘eco nail deco stickers’ collection that was so cute I had to get it. But don’t ask me how a nail sticker can be ‘eco’, I have no idea.
These was my new years nails! Can’t really remember how I celebrated the new years, but at least I had pretty nails! Some exiting puple glitter, from Etude House. 
The perfect nude color from Innisfree! I was sooooo happy after finding it. But I keep losing it in my ever-growing nail polish bag. 
I also ordered in some nail stamps from China, and for that I needed the wonderful “Nail Art Helper” product from Innisfree. It’s some pink goo you put around your nail before doing your manicure, and ever yous stamped your nails to your hearts content (or if you’re just really bad at putting on regular nail polish), you just pick it off, and voila! Clean nails. 
This was my absolute summer favorite. I had it twice and with a proper amount of refill on the top coat it lasts about a week, which might be my world record for a nail polish. I didn’t even manage having my nails done for so long in Beijing when I had gel nails done at a saloon!
Summer colors! I had no idea why I suddently use a bit of yellow, but I like it :O
Did these while I was watching a movie. I’m not even good at relaxing when I’m sick, then I added some blue sparkly nailpolish later. 
My nails that I got a compliment for by a random lady at my local sushi restaurant. She thought I’d had them done somewhere, since she seemed a bit shocked when I said I’d did it myself, the shame. I think she thought they were gel nails. 
I hope you’re all doing fine! Don’t forget that these things are supposed to be fun! It should never feel like something you have to do to be accepted or to be a “real” woman.
ps. my nails in Beijing that only lasted a few days because I was clumpsy:

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